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Now you may alter the weight of your dumbbells with just the twist of a dial. If you’ve seen the infomercial for Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells, you may be marveling how they work. All you have to do, is turn the dial on the end of the dumbbell to the weight that you want to use, and when you lift the dumbbell out of the cradle, it will weigh precisely that amount. The key is in a patented locking mechanism that lets the dumbbell base find and pick up the weight plates that add up to the weight that you want, and lock them into place on the handle. That way, when you lift, only those plates lift out of the base.

The SelectTech adaptable dumbbells come in two dissimilar versions, each one packing the equivalent of 30 person dumbbells into a single pair. Each SelectTech 552 dumbbell adjusts to fifteen dissimilar weight settings from five pounds to 52.5 pounds. The SelectTech 220 Adjustable dumbbells adjust from 2 pounds to 20 pounds. They also let you do something that’s tough to do with most adaptable sets and inconceivable with fixed dumbbells – vary the weight on either side of the dumbbell. And they make altering the weight on your dumbbells as easy and quick as turning a dial.

All right. Now you may say it – how do they DO that?

How Conventional Dumbbells Work

Dumbbells are designed to be gripped and lifted with one hand, adding weight and resistance to your exercises. You may use just one to work out one side of your body (in bicep curls, for instance) or one in each hand to get a bilateral workout. Add a pair of dumbbells to standing lunges and you increase the weight-bearing for your lower body as well as adding a nice upper body workout to the mix.

In order to get the most gain out of dumbbells, you need dissimilar weights – for dissimilar exercises and to increase weight as your muscles build. One way is to have a set of dumbbells in each weight that you want to use. That works fine – until your collection starts to outgrow your home gym. Adjustable dumbbells are a solution to that problem. Instead of adding a finish set of dumbbells in each weight increment you need, you’ve got a pair of bars and sets of weights in dissimilar weight increments.

Adjustable dumbbells used to look a whole lot like the baby cousins of barbells. Conventional adaptable dumbbells consist of a short bar, a pair of weights and a safety collar. If you want to modify the weight, you unscrew the lock on the collar, slide the collar off the bar, slide the weight off the bar, slide the new weight onto the bar, replace the collar and screw it down to lock it. Then you repeat the whole procedure on the other end.

SelectTech Dumbbells Dial-a-Weight Technology Makes It Easy

Bowflex SelectTech adaptable dumbbells are a whole new breed of adjustable. Each dumbbell comprises of a handle, a base and ten interlocking slotted weight disks. When the handle is in place in the base, the dumbbell looks just like a miniature barbell with a full set of weights on the bar.

At either end of the handle, you’ll find a dial knob marked with numbers from 5 to 52.5. To select a weight all you do is turn the dial knob until it clicks into place at the weight you want, then lift the handle. The patented locking mechanism selects the right weight disks to equivalent your chosen weight so that only those disks come up with the handle. The remaining disks stay locked in the base. That actually is all there is to it – turn the dial on each end to the weight you want and lift the dumbbell out of it is base.

Changing the weight is just that easy, too. Just lower the dumbbell into it is base, turn the dials on both sides of the dumbbell to your new weight, then lift. That’s it.

How SelectTech Works

The ten weight plates each have a slot into which the handle fits. When the disks are all in place, the handle may be set into the base, resolving into the slots. As long as the weight dials are set to 5 – the weight of the handle by itself – the handle will lift freely from the slots without picking up any weights.

Suppose you want to work out with a 7.5 pound dumbbell. You merely turn the handle dial to 7.5 until you feel the click. The locking mechanism in the handle will close and lock over the outermost weight plate (1.25 pounds), locking it onto the handle. Do the same on the other end, and the lock closes over the 1.25 pound weight plate on that end. Lift the handle straight up from the base and the two locked weight plates lift with it – leaving the rest behind in the base.

Want 20 pounds? Since the handle weighs five pounds, you need fifteen pounds in weights. Divided evenly that’s one five pound and one 2.5 pound weight on each end – but you don’t have to figure all that out. Just turn the dial selector on either end to twenty, and the patented lock does the math for you. When you lift the handle out of the base, the right weight plates to add up to twenty will be locked into place.

Bowflex Patented SelectTech System is Safer Than Conventional Dumbbells

The patented locking scheme is designed for safety as well as convenience. The weight disks are permanently locked in place like a Chinese puzzle. In order to lift the handle out of the base, the weight selector dials will have to be the right way set. If the dial isn’t clicked into place, the base won’t release the handle, so there’s no probability of a weight disk slipping off the bar because it’s not the right way locked. If the lock isn’t totally engaged, you can’t pick up the dumbbell.

Once you’ve lifted the dumbbell from the base, the dial can’t be turned, so there’s no probability of them coming unlocked and falling off the bar. The locking mechanism also holds the disks with resolute determination in place. There’s no wobbling from weights that aren’t decently tightened down – you get the same remainder you’d get from a single, molded dumbbell.

SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells for Offset Weight Training

Generally, you’ll want the weight on both ends of the dumbbell to be equal, but the SelectTech likewise allows you to choose dissimilar weights for either end of the bar. By permitting you to use unequal weights on either end, the SelectTech scheme increments your workout and training options. Offset training may aid you beef up forearm and wrist muscles, something that established dumbbells aren’t designed to do. It’s a outstanding way to get galore extra power into your tennis swing and increase the flexibility, strength and range of motion in your wrists. The owner’s manual even includes a handy reference chart to tell you which weight to select at either end for respective weight combinations.

Space-saving Stand Holds SelectTech Dumbbells At Just the Right Height

Bowflex also makes a specially designed stand for the SelectTech. The stand is ergonomically designed to hold the weights at the right height and position for safe lifting. The space-saving design inspires proper positioning of your body and grip to aid you refrain from strain or injury when picking up the SelectTech dumbbells. It’s the perfective storage option among workouts.

The experts all agree that working out with dumbbells is an splendid addition to your strength training routines. Dumbbells support you create remainder and precision, and make it possible to work on areas that are neglected in bilateral training with barbells or weight machines. Bowflex SelectTech adaptable dumbbells are the perfective way to add a full range of dumbbell weights to your workout in just one small, power-packed piece of equipment.

Bowflex Precision Trainer

This Heart Rate Monitor watch will help you stay within your target zone, get the greatest or most complete or best possible gains from your workout and tell time. With it is casual, digital design you may use the Heart Rate Monitor as a watch and use it to get exact continuous heart rates

Optimize your every day workouts with the Bowflex Precision Trainer heart rate watch. The Precision Trainer’s digital display provides continuous, average, and greatest or most complete or best possible heart rate readings, helping you determine your idealisti exertion level–a must for effective cardio training. The watch also includes a target zone indicator that gives evidence of when you’re above, below, or within your target heart rate zone, so you know when to push harder or back off. Other features include an exercise timer, a bike mount, a calorie tracker, a backlight, and a calendar.

Most helpful customer reviews

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.
4worked for me, its a heart rate monitor…
By slcpunk
I am the type of person that could not pay $100 for something that might cost $30 … so this HRM did the trick for me. I actually bought mine at “big 5 sporting goods”, not amazon, but figured since there were not that many reviews i would throw in my 2 cents. I can’t comment on long term reliability, but it seems to work as advertised.

A big plus is that BOTH batteries can be replaced by the user, which in my book is a requirement – why get a watch that you are going to have to send away to get the battery replaced?

Anyway, it takes your heart rate, the chest strap worked fine, and it has some stop watch and memory functions to boot. I’ve used a few different heart rate monitors, all with chest straps ( that’s sort of the standard method for good monitors ) and this strap was not really any better or worse than any others I have used/

No problems for me.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
4Nice, inexpensive trainer
By N. Matthews
I’ve found this to be accurate and very useful.

Good placement is a must if you want accurate readings. Wear the sensor right below the pectoral muscles, just under where your breastbone ends, and slightly to the left to get a good reading and to prevent it from sliding around. Just rub some water on your skin around the area where the sensor makes contact (or just get really sweaty) and it will sync up after a few seconds.

It’s useful because it will calculate your min/max HR depending on your age and the type of exercise you’re aiming for. As a runner and a beginner, I have used this to train; moderating my pace according to the readings. It spits out and saves lots of data including calories, fat, time of day, percentage of Max HR, average BPM, time in/below/above target HR, etc. and it saves all this information for your last 20 workouts.

My only complaint is that it doesn’t feature a pedometer or GPS to give you distance and speed information and it doesn’t allow you to record lap information but hey, it’s less than $50.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
1DOnt buy
By jason White
I was excited about this product because of the cheap price it was shipped to me quick and was working right out of the box. Then I put on the chest strap it worked after a few seconds but my heart rate seamed to jump around a lot. I tried wetting and tightening the chest strap to but it still skipped around a lot. Then I borrowed my roommates to test the accuracy, the bowflex wasn’t even close to my actual heart rate. At the gym it kept skipping around and at the end of my workout it said I burned 2300 calories, the treadmill I was running on said I burned 800 and something. I do not trust this heart rate monitor and would recommend another brand that may be accurate.

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Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Pic

Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Image

Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Image

Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Photo

Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Pic

Bowflex Precision Trainer

Bowflex Precision Trainer Photo

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