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Advance: The clay tablet of Sumer was made under the third dynasty of Ur, for the duration of a time of Mesopotamian bureaucracy and record keeping. Ur was a city-state of Sumer, and a sumerologist had found among it is ruins various hundred such clay tablets. The tablets in question reflected the careful and elaborated administration of diverse functions in the kingdom, specially the sacrifices, and this peculiar one in regards to a treasure concealed in a canal at Ur. Clearly the cuneiform script told of the precise location. It was a little neat script, but an outstanding specimen of cuneiform calligraphy thought the good professor who found it (from Troy University); it was often times the scribes occupation to take assorted little ones and combine them into an person account, but this one was a single one, larger than the others, yet little for a big hand; it didn’t have to cover a whole years harvest as some did only a tressure. And this is where the story begins:

Chapter One

Patience from the City

Life as we all know, is bitter-sweet, and once done, once said, so it is for eternity; wipe it off the scrolls or tell the jury to overlook it, once done, it is done. There was no June sun in Lima, Peru, cool shady clouds seeping from the ocean inward, sitting over the city like fingers hanging down, likened to a canopy, willow branches. The water from the ocean looked like a green transparent mountain. I stood up on the rocky formation by the coast. The great world beyond bothered me, bothered my joyfulness, my father had passed on, passed away a blissful solitude death. I stood there looking out into the ocean as if I was summoning it up, half dreamy; loneliness had seeped into me, sadness, and undertones of it: once more the wisdom of my father struck me, and all the years he laid it upon me. ‘I doubt man will ever find but a few moments on world of perfective rest,’ Endlessly my father’s will and these words came to mind. He had huge academia of them. Next, came the sounds of the hissing sea that flooded my brain like an engine overworking.

I was well accustomed to my little house in Miraflores, Lima, Peru, but my father persuaded many times me to be by his side in Huancayo, beyond the Andes a few hundred miles away. The noise of the sea, too of the utmost importance to be ignored, assured me of why dad wanted to have his office in the Navados, behind the city–the continuous sounding city of Lima; stress free I do believe for him, as Huancayo offered, and became his objective.

Chapter Two

The Lower World of Sumer

“Now, as the Golden Cuneiform Clay Tablet (so it came to be known as), it was the gemstone of Sumer! This he distinctly regarded as the utmost of his riches. On it was engraved a code, which the old professor could only read.

“In the old Sumerian faith it was held that there were gods that were once kings of Sumer (superhuman beings; angelic renegades), and they hid a treasure–but more important, the method applied in writing (or speaking) as indicated on the tablets were most important, it could command the old demigods of the underworld to appear, will have to one go through a ritual.

On the tablet, which, as you know now, is carved into the effigy of a square of sorts, both sides are cultivated with such words. As he had told folks with regards to this: he’d often times rise and pace the floor. A great fear for him was to lose this treasure; but I was in a good deal of strange way relieved when Simon gave me, just before he died–gave me the tablet. The day he passed from physical life he was calm and placid. I said very little to him that day, but waited as he asked, then suddenly, out of nowhere he gave me the tablet.

If there had been any possibleness of peril to him, or me he had shown none to be present at the time. Mr. Anticuario, my father, returned home late that evening, he resumed his seat as general in the living room; he placed before me the tablet. I leaned forward as he showed it to me.

On a lining of purple satin, it lay as if it was a ruby, closely as big as the palm of my Gloxinia hand (Jack’s girlfriend). He did something to it; it was not it is natural shape, carved it perhaps. Not sure what tool he used. Blood was stained on a corner of it, the colour of blood that is.

I’m sure this could not be a fault to any individual consciously looking at the tablet: on it the figures were plain, cut with exquisite precision, as he had told me they were long ago, I employed a magnifying glass to search it out, one that my father took from his jacket pocket.

When I had wholly seen it, He turned it over so it rested on it is back, where half the tablet was blank. The reverse was no less wondrous than the other side, just half blank, and you could see it was carved more as if it was cut into the clay. He resumed to speak to me when it comes to it is legend, it is powers, and it is treasure:

“You see, the marks, or symbols on the upper portion of the tablet, compose the amount of the treasure, with it is determinatives. You know, or you all will have to know I suppose, that Sumerian culture applied marks, dashes, lines and so forth of “thought”; they didn’t use papyrus as did the Egyptians. On the other side of the clay tablet, is the prayer, or summons to the demigods of the lower world, it is chant:

“It may be beyond belief, but it is unfeigned nonetheless, the old wonder-workers knew the truth regarding the lower world. My father smiled at me often, lovingly, when he spoke in regards to this, and then he’d resume”

“We need of course a spirit filled heart, or in plain English, ‘patience,’ will do. So in other words, this stone, or clay tablet has an element to control the Lower Ancient World of Sumer, or at least to summons them for assistance, a porthole for them to fly through you could say; and a horde of gold, or perhaps jewels concealed in some canal in Ur.

My father closed the box he had stored it in, and gave it to me with the tablet in it, and went to his room. When he was to return he was to resume his speech with me, but I knew what it was going to be about, he had done this various times before, perhaps so I wouldn’t forget, or perchance so he wouldn’t, he’d seat himself right here, at this table and he’d go on:

“That tablet, has a mystic chant written into it (in the centre of it is the finishing lines; which only may be gotten to by opening it up, and in it is hollow centre you will also find–along with the end lines to the chant–something called a drifting soul; King Gilgamish, employed this chant himself, used it to subdue the kingdoms around him with. That is to say, in one case, when he had fought versus Kish (in present day Iraq, city dating back to before the Great Flood, he applied his influence with the Lower World, they assisted him, and the city fell quickly into his hands. And then he rebuilt the city, with the demigods help. In my father’s words ‘I need to work out the chant and the act of this source of resurrection.’ That is to say, he wanted to be capable to summons the Lower World, a control factor here, and perchance a power intuition I realize. I held the Tablet within a safe place after he died, whence no one could find it; trichologists, or friends of his to be exact, not even the museum inspectors could find it.”

Three Souls

“His ‘cosmological body’? What do you mean, by cosmological? Jack. What does it indicated?” There was heaviness in Gloxinia’s voice. As she had asked that question which astonished me a little, my girlfriend; but my father would have smiled at it so I did, and accepted it as a sort of tolerant parental gesture, it kind of pushed it is way out through her sunshine face; then I spoke:

“Ah yes, the cosmological body, subsequent to the time I speak of, which is an accepted fact of progressed theology, anthropology, in Sumer, which had it is rise with gifted individuals, each king had to carry out an unthinkable task (unthinkable for normal humane being that is), of having thirty to fifty organism with the temple priestess, these kings were of course demigods, had to be, as was Gilgamish, and his forefathers. Thus, at will they could climax for a limitless time you might say: to a woman, a wish come true, to a normal humane being who is married to a female receiver, a nightmare, must the king ask for her any sure evening; she surely would never forget the evening. In essence, they were irresistible you might say. But as I was in regards to to say, my father’s cosmological body, what did I mean by saying that was just this: he could transfer his body whithersoever he chose, by this disbanding and reincarnation of atom brake up. And as a result, he chose to visit the underworld, the Lower world, as you may call it my lovely Gloxinia. But he was never capable in finding neither the treasure nor the chant to summons Hell’s best–the end part that is. He dire to open the clay table, saying in essence: it would be his end, and perhaps that is what brought on the heart attack, he cracked the seams of the tablet as you all may see: who is to say for sure. I myself have the capability of referring my body, but not in particles, like my father. He did it by the way of ancient beliefs, believing in three souls, and magical chants.

“Each soul possessed an perfectly independent existence. Free to move at it is own will, it may enter into the heaven of God, or the Hell of Lucifer, or discourse with the gods, the demons of the Underworld, of before the Great Flood. This is the firstborn soul. The second, has substance and form, and may become animalistic in nature, or not; it has power to leave it is abode, when you die, it may even leave the tomb, and come back, visit or revisit the old places it left, like a ghost…even talk with the old souls, the other souls, or loved ones. Then there was the third soul, spiritual intelligence or spirit filled. It had light; untouchable light and shape, the shape of the body…(the pious element of the makeup I do believe) we will have to not forget we still have the man himself, and his power and strength; thus, now making him complete. And to add to this, was the shadow that went with the body attached to the heart, where all life comes and goes.

“Henceforward, with all this in mind, and my father accepting this as fact, and he did, there are a good deal of possibilities: and let me stress, he did also have an unimpressionable will to go along with this. He many times told me when he looked into water he could see his effigy wherever he was thinking of being, at that point, will have to he will any soul of his, or portion of his soul, to go there, it would; and will have to he will his whole being and all it is forces to collaborate, it would be personified, and he would not be displeased where he’d end up–complete. That said, genetically speaking, he was a ting supernatural, you need only ask Shub-ad, she knows, he lasted sexually with her–so he said twenty-times.

Chapter three

To the Lower World’s Secrets

My father went to the Underworld to find out with regards to the pre-Sumerians in queer the chant and the treasure, and he was told by Queen Shub-AD herself ((first soul ((Shub-ad: had a great deal of humane sacrifices lavished on her, in the bottom of her grave pit it was crowed with bones, butchered where they stood; likewise in the tomb was silver cow’s heads, a pair of silver heads of lionesses, all striking in it is craftsmanship, and imagination: and of course the firstborn triangular harp; came upon at Ur, 2500 BC), whom came back and told me, me in so a heap of words, ‘…there were migrates in this land called Sumer until it was sufficiently formed to offer reasonable agriculture and competence, nomads who moved from one place to another, looking for fertile soil, so it appeared. Mankind then was produced for breeding (so it seemed), eating, having a few worn garments, they walked with limbs on the ground, they ate herbs with their mouths like sheep, they drank water wherever they could find it…’ so he said, she said. A part of her soul was left to linger the earth, he found it, another part in the Underworld, the third share encased in the centre of this tablet, with the chant. We of course are talking regarding the second soul of Shub-ad.

“He likewise told me, the animal soul of Shub-ad, was locked up in a vault of the hollow of the clay tablet, whom may lead you to the treasure.

“What genuinely took place was this, or so I have come to this conclusion that: the Queen wanted to resurrect her initial soul with her second and third, therefore a full resurrection, and my father was to help in this, and in the process, she gave him a terrible extension of magic, it is power killed him, her second soul did the work, it was locked up so long that when it got free through the cracks of the tablet and the partial chant, it turned into it is animalistic form, I believe a Manticore of numerous sort, a female lion’s body of a great deal of type, with her hands as paws, iron looking sabre tooth monster, and attacked my father. When he passed from physical life he had looked chew over: each colour under the sun, he was: choked up purple, read blood all over him, green and yellow skin, not one thing on him was a normal colour. Whatever magical formula he used, it gave life to the creature, which was then transmitted. If she now connects with her third soul, the soul of light, it could have a positive effect; must it not it will run ramped; ought to they all connect, it is unpredictable. So I have to choose amidst learning the chant in the tablet, reading the scripture on the tablet, and hoping to find the treasure, and an unfastened crazy animalistic soul, in the form of a ghost.

This soul that is free from the god’s, and wanders the world until the end of time will not go willingly. There need be no limits to her objectives. It is my faith she laid dormient for all these centuries in the tablet tomb, waiting for my father to set her free–or anybody for that matter–and he did. So the chant is mixed with her guarding it. But no matter what she is, she is gone, the chant is free for us to seek and inspect–perhaps only a portion of the chant is available, or none within it is tablet vaults, and the world, the demonic world would help us once we acquired this full chant? If in truth she is gone, and if so, perhaps the end part of the chant is also. Her original soul remains in the underworld–I recognise that for sure. What her intents are we know not, but her initial soul, in the underworld would have a heap of kind of intuition to her next moves–should we seek and ask, if without doubt that is possible; we or they could even commune by dreams.

“Should we find her grave, that in itself would be a central point of contact, now comes the crown of the issue, the intention of our acquiring or attacking her: that immense tressure left in a lot of concealed place in the canal of Ur, she would know; plus, once having influence over the demonic world–if in truth that is possible, we could support connect all three souls together, she’d once more be a living queen on earth, 4500-years old, with a body and soul intact; a great scientific accomplishment that I’d not want to brag unless I could harness her. (All six guests at the table sat emotionless, doubt and darkness in their eyes; a mummied look.) To this end, we seek the Queen, use her body to summons the souls that wonder the earth, linger in the Underworld. For years I suspected my father of this, having access to the Nether World, I thought was not real, altho it is. I was patient, and waited to gather all the facts from my father, and his teachings. And now I have some of those facts and choices to look at.

Chapter Four

The Sumerian Hymn

“It was the second soul of the Queen that took the Sumerian Hymn, the chant,” I had told the group, and Florencia had asked with regards to the resurrection, ‘…is there not but one resurrection! I mean that is what the Bible says?’ And my answer was as is, for a human, it was final, one resurrection of the body and soul; but in the not common world, the spirit world, the supernatural realm, there are a great deal of deep-rooted dawns or horizons, a magical spell may sweep throughout outstanding landmasses, or rivers, and inspire silence of a dead soul to life: who knows what is possible.

“It thus, is given to me to comprehend what is to be and far-thinking and what to do with this high-souled woman of antiquity, that paces the world as a Manticore, ready to devour whomever, however, whenever: who holds perhaps my secret, if not a heap of mysteries of treasures and the underworld.

“I don’t suppose Queen Shub-ad’s spirit (animalistic soul) to come willingly, lest we convince her the connecting of her other two will make her whole, for each woman would like a second chance under the sun to find love, is this not in a woman’s heart to do so. No matter what has happened before or after, a woman’s heart is never sealed for love.

We ought to be very careful, for you surely we all know this was a woman who could raise an army with the wave of her hand, or have a temple built with the nudge of her beauteous head. Times of old may be gone, but they are not forgotten for those who have lived them, and I’m sure pleasure to restore is in the making.”

“I fear–I fear such a capture could be our deaths!!” Said Manual Zipida, sitting at the table throughout from Gloxinia, Mary and Florencia. As he spoke he seemed to be stirred, his eyes had a cryptic look in them, no mortal sight. And then the eyes filled up with shed tears of outstanding emotion. The very soul of a woman we were going to undertake and capture, take it and undertake to harness it, consequently, he sat back shook his head and listened, entrenched into his chair, as if to say: what do we do with it if we get it? “I may see her with my second sight, she is very alone, in a silent temple in Ur, dreaming of something, she has the tale of the Manticore, the great saber teeth of the ancient lions, and outstanding paws, a beauteous head. The land under is calling her, but she fears to go to it. She sees us, as she hides from the sweet winds and cool agitated desert air. Perhaps I may be her kindred spirit, someone kindred anyhow, like her own, we perchance may merge for a moment, long sufficient to find out what her purposes are and what she’s done thence far.”

We all sat silent as Manual sought his powerful interpretation of her purpose, the loftiness other thoughts. It seemed out of his mouth came a flowing of a musical cadence, even his tone was strange: I could read his mind, and he was reading the Queens soul’s thoughts, in it is nature it sought it is other souls, as a mother to it is daughters, the rest of the sentiment captured was of hope. Her soul was attempting to tunnel it is way through the gloomy temples and caverns of the death. And I asked Manual, ‘what was she doing now besides the communion seeking of her other souls: soul-to-soul, so their breaths could mingle in the same air, that is what she seeks, and numerous other concealed agenda I can’t make out, but I see you in it.’ She was now at the pantheon of the Sumerian gods. Her noble prayers, chants were a vibrant musical cadence of a heap of kind of internal force, likened to a great instrument that summons a deeper power. But what had she down since her release two weeks ago? That was weighing on my mind?

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Don’t Trip. The Dead is our classic Renegade shape with habit die cut grip tape and 57mm Vicious Wheels. The tie dye and hand drawn graphic will in all likelihood remind that old hippy in your apartment complex of a good deal of good times on Haight St.

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Pic

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Picture

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Photo

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Picture

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Pic

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade

Gold Coast Complete Longboard Renegade Photo

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