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U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

Admiral LX mask low volume single lens provides expanded visibility. Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt for uttermost comfort. Built in purge valve keeps mask clear of water. One touch Pro-Glide buckles for habit fit. Dual-composite fin blade for magnificent snap, power and styling. Compact length is great as a travel snorkeling fin or other water sports activities. Super-soft and comfortable foot pocket with adaptable strap to fine tune fit. Patented split fin engineering science provides a powerful and effective kick. Super soft and comfortable foot pocket features adaptable strap for habit fit. Available in 3 sizes little (4-7), medium (7-10), big (10-13).

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4Just got back from HAWAI’I – good product
By Sidney Crosby
Fin Sizing -
I wear a US size 9.5-10. I got the largest fin size and it fits well. The sides (width) are a little snug initially, but once you get into them they are fine.
For reference, I placed my foot on a piece of paper and outlined it. then I measured the widest point on the paper and that was 9.5cm. So if you’re around that then this should be fine. I would say if you’re any wider than 12cm, then do not get these as the fins will likely be too tight on the sides. The length is fine because you can adjust the length with the backing strap so i can see how someone who is size 13 can fit these, but the width is where most people are having their problems. The fins should be measured in width and not shoe size. If you have really wide feet these fins will be tight/borderline uncomfortable. I’ve read every single review about the fin size and I just wanted to make this as helpful as possible.
- functionally, they work very well. no complaints, just as good as the longer ones that most people are used to

- easy to adjust
- comfortable

- leaves a mark on your face every time because it seals pretty tightly to your face
- it did leak a little bit. you have to find the right fitting. but, once you do you should be fine.
I did find when I didn’t shave the seal wasn’t as good. For reference, I don’t have a very hairy face. I shave every two days or so. So someone with a hairy face might have difficulties with sealing the goggles. My girlfriend had no problems with the goggles. they were ok.

Snorkel -
AWESOME SNORKEL. Not once did water come in. This is a true dry snorkel. The mechanism looks cheap and seems like it can break easily as it is just plastic and a simple pivot design but it WORKS. I dove under water, no water. I was crashed with 3-4 feet waves and no water. This was absolutely an amazing product. Makes snorkeling that much easier without all that salt water in your mouth.
After about 20mins my jaw did get a little sore, but that wasn’t a big deal. I would definitely buy this snorkel again.

The bag that comes with this is AWESOME! You can fit your towel and beach mat in it. It’s perfect. You can just grab this and head to the beach. It was so functional. i’m so glad it came with such an awesome bag.

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5Worked great for us!
By fl0722
We purchased two sets of these for our upcoming trips to the Bahamas and also to Costa Rica. We live in Clearwater, FL., so we decided to test out the equipment earlier today.

I’m back online with a review to tell you that we were amazed how well these masks, snorkel, fin sets actually work. We took it out to a local beach and put everything to the test for 4-5 hours today.

What we needed was a complete mask/fin/snorkel set to take with us on our trips and use locally. We only occasionally snorkel, but when we do we want decent equipment. We’ve rented equipment before, so we had an idea of what we liked and didn’t like.

Quality – We were actually impressed with the quality. We’re not professional snorkelers or divers, so these fit our budget and feature requirements nicely.

Fit – everything fit well, and snugly where it should.

Mask – Pretty nice. Silicone skirt was comfortable and sealed well. No leaks. I do think we’ll purchase the cloth strap or cloth cover to make it easier on the hair. Note: These did not have the mask purge on them. The US Diver site says that some models do, some don’t.

Fins – They’re definitely shorter than the longer, floppy kind. Believe it or not, we like these better. These are easier to pack and in use they were easier to maneuver. We’ll probably get a set of neoprene socks, but today we wore our bare feet. My set was the 10-13 size (I wear a size 9 shoe). Her’s was the 7-10 size (she wears a size 8 shoe). Her fins are slightly shorter than mine. I’d agree that they’re a bit on the small side. They’re definitely comfortable though.

Snorkel – The dry snorkel is a MUST have item for us now. It’s worth every penny. Multiple waves washed over our snorkels it stayed dry. We also dove under water and spun around a bit – again, it stayed dry. Every now and again there was a tiny bit of water in the very bottom near the purge valve. It took less than a second to blow it out. Just to be clear – never did we inhale or feel like our snorkels had too much water in them. Amazing performance.

Mesh bag – Nice quality, and a nice thing to have to keep the equipment neat. The impression I get is that at some point these bags will wear out and I’ll need to buy another mesh bag. However, it’s decent quality and holds the equipment snugly. It’s nice that there’s a strap on the back so you can throw the snorkeling set over your shoulder.

All in all, we’re really happy with our purchase. We’re not heavily into diving or snorkeling, but when we want decent equipment. We’re impressed with this set and have already recommended it to a couple of our friends.


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3does the job
By Cameron R. Bethel
this product has done the job for me. just took a trip to the bahamas and did some snorkeling. carrying case makes it easy for packing – not too bulky or heavy. fins and snorkel work great, never sucked any water down my throat after diving like my old snorkel! only complaint is that the hard frame of the goggles can be uncomfortable on my forehead. have to readjust and take off every few minutes to prevent too much discomfort. other goggles i’ve had in the past did not have that problem. overall they worked just fine.

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U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Picture

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Picture

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Image

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Photo

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Picture

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx

U S Divers Admiral Lx Island Dry Lx Picture

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