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The necessities of golf commence with the clubs you choose. Shopping on the Internet will save you time and cash but choosing may be difficult, as there seems to be endless options. From our work with dissimilar golfing web websites we have seen sales for golf clubs dramatically increase in the past two years but do humans genuinely recognise what they are buying? I think the answer to this is yes if you have been playing for a few years and no if you are a total beginner. Some people starting out in the golf world have more cash than sense. At the start out of each golfing year (generally in March) you see new members on the firstborn tee with thousands of dollars worth of instrumentation besides them and the golfing attainments of a squirrel.

Excuse the expression from above but you in truth need to go back to the fundamental principle when starting golf. Golfing is a skill that needs to be developed, by having clubs worth thousands will not help you any more than the person starting with second hand clubs worth fifty dollars, I had that told to me from more than one Irish professional for the duration of my time. All the major club manufacturers are marketing online at great prices, choose cautiously and get well within your budget, the left over cash may be well expended on other golf apparel.

What are the necessities to have?

Without being ludicrous and mentioning the frequent such as golf balls etc you must have the following:

Good waterproof golf shoes

Waterproof Jacket and Pants

Golf Cart (Manual or Battery)

Golf shoes are essential, and if they are not waterproof put them in the garbage. Your feet must be kept arid at all times. Golf is not always in great weather. If your feet are wet for a number or hours you will not feel comfortable and run the danger of catching a nasty cold or flu like symptoms. There are a great deal of cheap golf shoes on the market along with cheap so called waterproof pants and jackets, but by spending conservatively on the golf clubs allows you spend wisely on necessary clothing.

Golf Carts:

Some persons prefer still to carry their bags but most will buy a golf cart. The carts may either be manual or battery operated. The manual speak for themselves and may be a folded away in the trunk of your car the battery are a little more complex and need galore careful taught before purchasing. Battery operated carts need maintenance and continuous recharging. Check out the battery life expectancy before you buy. Some are like buying a car, they have a speedometer, mirrors and a light, do you actually need all that?

Golf Balls:

Yes the ball will make a divergence to distance and spun but don’t be foolish, if you are a beginner you will have to suppose to loose a great deal so don’t go crazy buying the latest and greatest, you need to improve you overall accuracy and game in general. The more experienced golfer ought to recompense more attention to the ball they are using, you could be losing priceless distance from the tee meaning the divergence on your next shot from an eight iron or a comfortable pitching wedge.

Golf Tee:

Short and simple, if you are using oversized heads concede for a higher tee. Plastic tees do not break as effortlessly as the wooden type.

Golf Glove:

I have seen a heap of a good golfer never wear one but in hot weather it gives you added grip and in damp conditions it could be your only grip. Should not cost you an arm and a leg.


I’m not one for getting into graphite shafts and other related metal when purchasing a putter. I prefer something that I feel comfortable with, if that happens to be graphite and within my own budget, so be it. The putter today comes in all dissimilar shapes and sizes, from the usual height to the putter that tucks just beneath your chin. Beginners begin with a basic putter and move on, basic meaning something that is not costing you an arm and a leg. Experienced golfers will have their own distinctive putter style they prefer.

Overall – Internet golf shopping:

The prices will seldom be beaten if you buy online, do not worry regarding quality as the merchandise are the very same as what you will find in your local sports store. The potpourri is very huge and tempting and deliverance is to your door. Before you do go buying goods online make a quick list of the necessities that you need.

Golf Equipment

Samsonite Golfers Trunk Organizer/Locker lets you coordinate the trunk of your car for golf or any other sport. Separate pockets and storage are designed to hold shoes, grips, jackets, gloves, etc. Made of water immune rip stop polyester with special waterproof backing. In addition it folds down for easy storage.

Keep all your golf gear neatly arranged when journeying to South Carolina or other resort destinations with the Samsonite golf trunk organizer. The trunk–which is made of lasting ripstop polyester with waterproof backing–offers two levels of storage, similar to the design of numerous jewelry boxes. The bottom level holds such items as shoes (up to three pairs) and ball sleeves, while the top level is perfective for storing shirts, pants, and other apparel. The trunk likewise includes a big mesh division above the top for littler items, such as gloves, tees, snacks, or water. Finally, the trunk’s movable dividers help you keep everything in place, so you may without apparent effort partition your jackets, rain slickers, and shirts. Other features include a ventilated mesh front door that helps you air out the contents, a little mesh pocket for cash or little accessories, an eyeglass/cell phone pouch, a series of loops for keeping golf tools or grips, two end carrying handles made of ergonomic rubber, and self-healing nylon zippers with oversized zipper pulls.

The Samsonite golf trunk organizer, which includes a lock and key, measures 24 by 10 by 14 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 5 pounds.

Most helpful customer reviews

21 of 21 people found the following review helpful.
4Good space saver, one flaw
By titans fan
I am very happy with this purchase, with one small complaint. The bottom compartment of the case has 3 stiff dividers where you store your golf shoes. The only problem is that they don’t stay in place on the sides, which makes it difficult to remove my golf shoes because the case has sort of collapsed on my shoes. Other than that, I love it. I’m always prepeared for my round, and never leave anything I need at the house, because it’s all in my new Samsonite trunk organizer!

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
4Good bag with fixable flaw
By Bob
Overall a good bag, with lots of storage to collect all of the golf items rolling around in your trunk. The only problem is the shoe compartement at the bottom is not very sturdy and tends to collapse. I fixed this by taking 4-5 golf ball sleeves, putting in shag balls and standing them on end in the smaller shoe compartment (use the rest of that compartment to store balls rather than shoes). Can only fit 2 pair of shoes now, but fixed the collapsing.

15 of 16 people found the following review helpful.
1Shoe compartment practically worthless
By M. Summers
I was excited to finally be able to organize my trunk. I am very disappointed though. The shoe compartment on the bottom is very low, it would be better for storing flip flops than golf shoes.

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