Callaway 2011 Players Towel

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Golf bags are an necessary portion of the game of golf and as such we all strive to have a functional good looking bag to hold our clubs. With this in mind I thought this week I would look for the best bag cash may buy and I think I’ve found it. It’s the Damier Geante Golf Bag, produced by Louis Vuitton! So what does this mega bag offer you? Well it will hold a full set of clubs, it has loads of pockets to hold all your golf gear but most of all will make you look rich. This bag has a cowhide base and handle, the strap is made of padded canvas and cowhide and you get a travel cover with it. So what will this piece of golf instrumentation cost you? Remarkably it is ONLY $8400 a bargain when you consider that you get 4 free Louis Vuitton tees.

Well it did seem a touch pricey for my meager budget so I thought I would have a look around and see if I could find an substitute and looked at two stand bags. The bags I chose were the Callaway FT Hybrid golf stand bag and the Ogio Nexos Stand Bag. Could these perchance measure up to the Louis Vuitton?

Well let’s take them one at a time; the Callaway bag is built to exacting standards and uses premium materials. It has course chic as Callaways are sought after and is one of the best bags for durability and comfort. It features are a lot of and varied and include:

o 9″ Graphite Friendly Top

o With integrated Hand Grip

o 11-Way Full Length Divider System and Rain Hood

o Patented IZZO Dual Strap

o Weight 3.30kg

o Xtra Traction 2 Base with Stabilising Stand Mechanism

o Towel Ring

o Chevron Ball Marker

o Umbrella Loop

o Chevron Glove Holder

o Tee Holder Pen Holder Vibration Dampening Cart Pads

o 8 Organisational Pockets, inc: Thermal Storage Pocket, Moulded Waterproof Fleece Lined Valuables Pocket, Scorecard Holder, Full Length Apparel Pocket, Waterproof Pocket, Accessory Pocket, Double Zipper Ball Pocket, Fleece Lined GPS/Rangefinder Pocket

Quite impressive!

The Ogio Nexos Stand Bag is apparently designed with sleek, racing-inspired lines and an tough exoskeleton. Now I don’t recognise when it comes to you but the ‘leg catch syndrome’ gets me each time, you recognise the one where your walking along with your stand bag and the stand bit gets caught in your trousers and you closely trip. Well Ogio have devised the Arc Lite Stand System. This means there is more space amid the bags legs and your own so no more tangling! The Ogio bag has a massive range of features that include:

o 10″ Wedge top

o ArcLite stand scheme

o Ball Silo (external 3 ball dispenser)

o Lift Grip integrated trunk handle

o ZBP (Zipperless Ball Pocket)

o Hood

o Fleece lined valuables pocket

o 11 pockets (6 zippered)

o Crossbow shoulder strap scheme

o Cigar caddy

o GPS range finder pocket with easy view window

o EVA moulded shaft dividers

o Walking accessible water bottle holster

o Full length club dividers

o Elastic umbrella containment system

o Elastic oversized towel loop

o Glove/putter Velcro strip

o Scorecard/pencil pocket

o Sturdy fibreglass external frame

o Divot tool sleeve with OGIO divot tool

o Pen sleeve

o Elastic tee holder

All I may say is wow that’s a lot!! Now we know the Louis Vuitton was a measly $8400 so what may we get these other two for that rather frankly seem to have a LOT more features. Well the Callaway is £159.95 and the Ogio is £153.95 which makes me think the Vuitton is perhaps more or less overpriced. I recognise I will be going online to buy one of the latter bags for this year and not down my local Louis Vuitton shop.

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

PLAYERS TOWEL • 20” x 30” jacquard • Made of 100% cotton velour • Plastic clip attachment

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Pic

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Picture

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Pic

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Image

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Photo

Callaway 2011 Players Towel

Callaway 2011 Players Towel Photo

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