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When choosing their equipment, women golfers have for the most part the same considerations to think with regards to as men. Just as for men, we would advise starting with a club pack as your introductory set, with a combining of driver, fairway woods, hybrids to replace the long irons, irons from 5-SW and a putter. Most new golfers find that they rely on their 7-iron and pitching wedge at first, tardily profiting familiarity with the other clubs. Equally the same as for men, we would commend for less cavity back, cast head on your clubs, as the more refined forged blades are actually for the better player. And we’d commend a set of two or three wedges, to play all the chip shots, and probably a mallet putter as these are easiest to align, and weighted to help you achieve a square, balanced stroke.

Women’s shafts are crucial to help you play your best

However, for the women’s game, there are particular choices to consider. The shaft is the axle of the club, so the better the shaft, the better the club. As your game improves, it is very much worth giving careful consideration to laying out capital in decent ladies’ clubs, with ladies’ flex.

Ladies’ flex

Flex has a major effect on the feel of the club, and also makes a divergence to the distance you will achieve. Most women struggle to in truth power down on the ball – when hitting a driver, they tend to achieve a swing speed of less than 60mph. This would give a carry distance of underneath 180 yards. If you use a driver with a ladies’ flex, then you will be maximising the carry of the ball, whereas if you tried to hit a driver with a stiff shaft, designed for swing speeds of over 80mph, you would in all likelihood find it difficult to achieve the instinctive you desire.

Ladies’ loft

Loft angle has a major effect on distance off the tee, and in general the slower your swing speed, the higher loft you must choose, to in truth get the ball airborne so it may travel further. You must be looking at lofts of 13-15 degrees in a driver.

Graphite shafts

To aid achieve a more immediate swing speed, women are also more likely to do well with graphite shafts in their woods, as these are more flexible and lighter than steel. You may also consider them for your irons, as you will in all likelihood find them more comfortable to swing.

Get the length right

In terms of length, it is worth getting measured to make sure your clubs are right for your height. If they are too long, you will find your whole set-up is out of kilter and you are probably making lots of mis-hits. Do it yourself by taking a wrist-to-floor measurement from the crease of your left hand (for right-handed players) down to your feet and then making a simple calculation. For example, if you are amidst 5’4″ and 5’7″ in height, but your wrist-to-floor measurement is amid 33 and 34″, then you will need shafts which are a quarter to half an inch shorter than standard. If notwithstanding your wrist to floor measurement is 36 to 37 inches, you will need clubs half an inch longer.

Callaway and Ping both supply splendid ranges of clubs for women, with their Big Bertha ladies ranges (Callaway) and G5L (Ping). Wilson also has a significant women’s range, with their L6 series of irons, hybrids, woods and more.

Choose the right golf balls

For women as much as men balls may make a big divergence to your game, the more complex multi-layer constructions will provide more feel and control, whilst the simple two-layer offerings will give you the distance you need before you get started to think when it comes to finesse. But for women, balls such as the Srixon Soft Feel for Ladies (pic) are designed to give a higher launch trajectory for more outstanding overall distance, performing best in tandem with women’s slower swing speeds. They ought to also provide splendid feel around the greens.

Choosing the right golf shoes

There two dissimilar types are commended for both men and women – a heavier-duty winter pair and a lighter summer one which allows the feet to breathe. For women, of course, style is all important, so why not consider something like FootJoy AquaLites which offer women golfers ultra-lightweight ease with added stability. This performance waterproof golf shoe comes in a choice of styles, at lowpriced prices. Meanwhile, Hi-Tec has now brought out various shoes incorporating their magnificent CDT (custom directional tracking) technology for women, for unbeatable stability.

Choosing the right golf bag

For women just as for men, golf bags have enjoyed a high-tech makeover in recent years with everything from lightweight parachute materials and graphite-friendly tops to ‘club management systems’ and mobile phone pockets revolutionizing the market. 2007 will see the bag scientists pushing the boundaries further, with ergonomic handles, adaptable dividers, elaborated trolley-fixing mechanisms, ingenuous shoulder harnesses and more.

But for all that, your main choices when choosing a bag are a sturdy cart bag (some are distinctively designed for buggies, so be sure to check), a stand bag suitable for trolley or carrying; or the new generation of lightweight ‘pencil’ carry models for a quick nine holes. And when it comes to women’s bags, the idea is to make them as light-weight and easy to handle as possible, as well as colour-coordinated to go with the rest of your equipment. Sun Mountain, Wilson and Yonex all have splendid women’s bag ranges available.

Finally of course when it comes to costume you want to look your best, and these days there are golf clothes that perform, keeping you cool in hot weather and arid in wet, without making you look like you’ve been stranded in the 70s! All leading makers provide women’s options, from simple golf tops through to waterproofs, and there are even gloves, such as the Wilson Staff Grip Soft, which are designed for the shape of women’s hands.

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

With overlapping combinings of loft, length, headf size and shape, golfers are more perplexed than ever when it comes to club selection from the fairway. The new Fybrid series solves this confusedness with three basic pieces.

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5The best hybrids/woods I’ve owned
By RustyPanama
Simply put… for a mid to high handicapper, these clubs are THE best for the money, and maybe for any amount. I use the Wilson Staff Di9 irons. I replaced the 5 with a Fybrid, and added the Fybrid 4 and 3 hybrids to the set. I also added the Fybrid 3 and 5 woods. In the end, it is the best set I’ve ever owned. These clubs hit straighter than any I’ve seen, and give me more distance. You can’t go wrong… Wilson Staff was once one of the most respected names in golf. When Wilson changed its business model and decided to focus less on golf, it resulted in a generation of junk clubs and toys. Now, Wilson Staff is back and they are selling the best product out there at the cheapest prices possible, in order to earn back its reputation. Take advantage now. Once Wilson Staff reaches the level it once held, it will charge accordingly.

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Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Image

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Image

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Photo

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Image

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Picture

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid

Wilson Staff Mens Right Hand Fybrid Photo

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