3W Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

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Darkness provides a cloak for criminal activity, which is why safety experts are more and more recommending LED flashlights as an necessary portion of any self-defense kit. A little LED keychain or a flashlight tucked into your purse or glove compartment may go a long way toward preventing or warding off an attack.

Always keep a flashlight with you when walking alone at night, and be prepared to use it. A good LED flashlight offers a bright beam for thousands of hours of continuous use, making it a valuable tool in situations when dim lighting leaves you vulnerable to surprise. It is also one of the few self-defense tools that won’t cause any raised eyebrows when you travel. Plus, not similar to mace or other weapons, a little LED light can not be used versus you if it is seized for the duration of a struggle. Here are a few more ways you may use a simple flashlight for protection:

Light the way. Whether you’re traversing a dark parking lot or walking up a poorly lit street, you’ll be safer with a flashlight in hand. Grip the light with resolute determination in a closed fist, with the bulb end opposite from your thumb. Walk confidently, and shine the light in any dark areas where a person may be hiding.

Secure your vehicle. When returning to your car at night, use a flashlight to illumine the back seat and underbelly before you get in. These are places an attacker may lie in wait to take you by surprise.

Be aggressive. If a threatening person approaches you, flash your light at him or her, make eye contact, and yell, “Get back!” or “911!” Use a loud, selfasserting yell, not a scream of fear. Letting your assailant recognise you are not going to be an easy victim may help dissuade an attack.

Blind your attacker. Shining a bright light into an attacker’s eyes causes temporary disorientation, buying you a precious moment in which to spray mace, flee, or use one of your other self-defense techniques. This effect is short-lived, however, so you ought to already be on the move when you flash your beam.

Get attention. If an assailant is relying on darkness for cover, illuminating the area with a flashlight–possibly attracting the attention of an individual nearby–might be sufficient of a deterrent to admonish further pursuit. Again, use yelling or a personal alarm to develop as much of a ruckus as possible.

Here are a heap of other proficiencies to aid you stay safe at night:

– Be conscious of your surroundings. As you walk, scan the area for anything or anybody suspicious.

– Have your keys in hand before you step outside. Digging through your purse will distract you from what’s going on around you.

– Park in well-lit a large total or garages. Avoid secluded areas that might provide hiding places.

– Park near security cameras whenever possible.

– Lock your doors and windows as soon as you get in the car.

– Don’t linger. Put your keys in the ignition and drive away immediately.

When wielded in conjunction with other self-defense techniques, an LED flashlight may be a worthful portion of your safety arsenal. The key is to be proactive rather than reactive and try not to get taken by surprise.

~Nicole Krueger, 2009

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

Brand Name: CoiTACAnodized aluminum . 3 Watt LED CREE XR-E P4. 110 lumens of light power. Run time is 2.5 hours on 2 CR123 lithium batteries that are included, pressure wire switch and 1 tactical flashlight ring included. Special strobe mode feature.

Most helpful customer reviews

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
3good light after getting new switches
By Tac Man
I bought 6 of these for family and friends for Christmas. Luckily I checked the units before sending them off and found that 1 regular and 3 remote switches did not work. Called company for replacement, which they did. Excellent tactical light for money, but check the base switches.

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Can’t be beat for the money – or double the money
By SweetJezus
We have two 12 gauge 870 tactical shotguns as home defense weapons. I bought one of these and installed it on mine. I liked it so much I bought another and put it on my wife’s gun.

My god they are bright, plus the strobe function is just crippling to look at in a dark room. The thing is very solid, all metal and the mount is really nice as well. I tightened them all down and added a little blue loctite and have no worries about them coming loose.

I would highly recommend these to anyone. I don’t think you could beat it for twice the money.

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Almost as good as a Surfire
By Chris W. Bowling
I couldnt beleive how sturdy and well built this flashlight was, especially for the price. The tactical mount that it came with had a tendency to loosen up after 50-90 rounds from a 7.62 x 39 rifle. A little Thread Locker and it was good to go.

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3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Image

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Picture

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Pic

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Pic

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Image

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With

3w Led Tactical Strobe Flashlight With Image

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