Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set at Amazon

I original learned in regards to combining sparring with bag training when I was working with full contact stick fighting. We would each gear up in full Kendo Armor Outfits (used for bamboo sword sparring) – get a pair of sticks, nunchaku and of many times even the traditionalisti bamboo swords (known as Shinai in Japanese) and have at it. At primary the focus was on the weapon strikes, blocks and movements. However, as the battle gets heated up, it isn’t long before kicks and punches start out to play an integral role.

We soon learned that this protective set up could likewise be used as an astounding mobile bag workout while bettering your sparring capabilities. Let me explain:

Okay, the gear that we would wear was armor. This meant that when a collaborator swung a stick at you at full speed, you did not feel it. The pain element was removed, so you could focus strictly on your movements.

To focus rigorously on a workout what we did was take away the weapons and started using only punches and kicks. This was outstanding for the receiver (as they still did not feel any pain) but the hard shell like surface of kendo armor fixed an all out blast session. You may imagine kicking and punching any type of armor and how that might feel. Though it was outstanding for forcing you to target, it did not concede you to get a full workout.

What we wanted was a full on hard-core workout that simulated having a moving target. Imagine if you punching bag could step back, forward, or to the side and how this would affect your training. It is the perfective combining of sparring and bag training.

Therefore, we altered the receiver’s protective wear by dumping the armor and using rather something more lasting that could withstand even the most unmanageable of blows to the body. There are too galore ways of doing this to list them all – but I am sure that you have seen a few. If you have ever watched a women’s self-defense course, you might do not forget a padded up contestant with a HUGE head. This outfit was designed so the women could kick, scratch and gouge the eyes of a bogus contestant without any injury to the person inside.

Macho even formulated a full suit of armor out of their lightweight foam merchandise called the Red Man Suit. Another company called FIST also had a outstanding outfit. I do not forget when we firstborn got the helmet we practiced jumping spinning round kicks to the face and the face shield held up.

Whatever you design – just make sure that the person wearing the gear is completely protected. The idea behind the conception is that person A (the Giver) may throw each punch and kick they want at full speed while person B (the Taker) may plainly move around like the Incredible Hulk.

Try 5 minutes of full contact punches and kicks on a moving contestant and you will in truth get an astounding workout. I would suggest the following workout strategy:

5-10 Minutes of light punches and kicks moving around the room with your partner.

Then, 15 seconds of full power, speed and venture followed by 45 seconds of light movement, punches and kicks. Repeat 5 times for a great 5-minute workout.

Note: the person wearing all of the gear is also getting a outstanding workout too as they are moving around, taking punches and kicks and may even throw a few of their own from time to time.

Start slow and get creative. If you do not have a suit of armor look through a martial art supply store and build one yourself by picking and choosing respective pieces of gear.

NOTE: Do not full blast to the head unless you have a piece of headgear that may take such blows. I would suggest leaving the head out of the early sessions and focus on getting a workout with attacks to the body.

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho’s most usual sparring gear!

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4Good Basic Set of Sparring Gear – Recommended
By C. F. Hill
Watch Video Here: We bought this set of size XL Red Macho Dyna Sparring Gear to use for my son’s TaeKwonDo practice. This is a good set that provides the required protection for light to medium contact sparring. Here are my observations:

Head Gear:
Pros -
+ Good Ear Protection
+ Does Not Obscure Peripheral Vision
+ Good Back of Head Coverage and Protection

Cons -
- No JawChin Protection

Hand Gear:
Pros -
+ Open Hand Design; good for grappling techniques
+ Protects Sides of Hands and Thumbs

Misc -
* Finger Loops Are Thin; concerned that they will not hold up long (will update if this is an issue)

Foot Gear:
Pros -
+ Easy to Put On; elastic strap and Velcro hold these well
+ Good Ankle, Top, and Side Protection

Misc -
- Other Brand (Century) Has Fabric Coverage on 1/2 of Foot; some like that, others do not

Overall, this is a good starter set of sparring gear that I feel safe letting my son wear. See the video and pictures (in ” Images”) for more details.



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By B. Ellis
Good shipping time for a larger item order. Very pleased with the quality of the items and the reliability of the seller. Would recommend and will most likely order from them again in the future.

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5sparring gear
By mo
I recently started sparring at karate and needed gear. The studio itself was selling this kind of set for $250. I bought it here for $40. this was a great deal the gear is great the delivery was amazing i got the gear the day after i ordered it amazing service.

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Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Image

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Picture

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Pic

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Image

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Picture

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set

Macho Dyna 5 Piece Sparring Gear Set Image

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