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Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Designed by Peter Janda these knives will stand up to the toughest tasks.

Designed by tactical trainer, Petr Janda for hard use and superior durability. Everything you need and not one thing you don’t. The Fin fixed blades are capable to withstand the rigors of each environment.

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4Nice fixed blade
By gduan2000
Bought this knife from a Kabar dealer. This was the lowest priced D2 fixed blade that I can get. It is made in Taiwan, but who cares, as long as it is a D2 steel. The knife looks rock solid and sheath works very well. The handle is hard material like hard plastic, but it is ok, I don’t expect to hold it 24×7. The design is right on for my fishing hobby – with the name fin, and the back of the blade looks like a fin. The handle has some fish scales design… I like it very much.

The second day I got this knife, I went fishing, and of course I brought this knife with me to see some real actions. I got a gar fish that day (full of gar’s in the river). I used to cut open the gar using a Gerber EZ-OUT folding knife. With the serrated and straight combined edge I was able to fillet the gar with that folding knife. Sure it did dull my knife every time, but it is expected. The EZ-OUT is probably a 420 SS, and gar skin is tough.

So I thought the D2 should easily cut the gar skin with no effort. I was wrong. The first few strikes I did feel the ease, however, after that I found it is harder and harder to cut the skin through with the blade. Then I checked the blade, I sadly found that the edge was not a “v” anymore, the edge had folded with an angle – it was like a “y”. I did restore the edge with the sharpening stone but I was kind of disappointed that the gar skin beats my D2 steel.

Anybody if you have the same experience please let me know. Or if you have tested other steel that beats gar skin please also let me know. I’ll get one of that.

4 star for the Kabar Fin, and 1 star give to Gar skin. :0

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5Awesome knives!
By Nick
So I bought both versions of these knives, tanto and drop point. Both serrated. Both knives feel like the blade is titanium powder coated. Almost like skate board tape. So that’s a plus. That will prevent the protective coating coming off easier compared to the smoother black coating.

Both knives feel very comfortable in the hands. Both in forward and reverse grip. I like how their are holes, not only at the back of the handle near the glass breaker, but as well at the top of the handle. I suppose you might be able to use this hole system to mount this knife on a long branch or poll as a spear.

The sheath, nice too. Kydex. Can’t go wrong there. Sheaths have drainage holes too, at the bottom.

I like how the sheath also has a bunch of holes on it for different mounting options. You can also unscrew the belt loop that is used to mount your sheath on your belt to hang vertically against your leg. By doing this you can now comfortably mount your sheath horizontally on your belt either on your left side, right side, or your back. Since the sheath is really thin after you remove the belt loop. You can also now hide the knife on the inside of your pants, and because of the holes on your sheath, you can use some paracord, and mount the sheath now to your pant belt loop, or the belt you are wearing, without the knife sheath still coming with blade, when you draw it.

The suspension strap has a nice snap. The clamp on the sheath, that also holds the knife in, is also great, so I really don’t see the need for the suspension strap at all unless you want the sheath and knife to hang vertically using your belt, however, you still don’t even need it then.

The handles scales (Grivory I think..) are also removable.

The knife also has jipping on the back of the blade that also runs into the handle as well. So you can place your thumb at different lengths. The sheath also has jipping so you can actually draw the knife with one hand instead of two, just as long as the suspension strap is undone of course.

Oh ya knife is sharp to. Both the fin fixed, drop point and tanto, can shave hair.

Also I could be wrong, but I noticed Ka-bar no longer has these knives listed on their website as of 11:45pm 2/14/2011. So I dunno if that means if they are discounting them or what.

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5Field Tested
By Evlded8503
I needed a reliable knife for a week-long canoe/camping/outdoor trip. I saw this and it caught my attention.

Survival: This knife survived seven straight days of constant use in the river, caves, canoes, mud, and every element you can throw at a knife. It helped me make a spear to catch fish. It helped me make fire (worked great for cutting, chopping logs, and shaving off wet bark). The blade was very sharp upon arrival and did not dull or chip (mine is NOT serrated). The back of the knife survived shovel and log hits while “chopping”.

Sheath: Comfortable, seemingly well-constructed, and worked well with a make-shift para-cord belt. I wore shorts and it did not cause any discomfort.

Weight: Good balance. Not fighter balance (too heavy), but survival balance. It is easy to carry. It is durable.

Ergonomics: It’s not real big (around 9″ total). I prefer that. A bigger knife weighs you down and is cumbersome to carry. It is very comfortable to hold and has a “solid” feel.

This may be my favorite fixed-blade knife (I own about 50 of various brands). For me, this knife gets highest marks. I hope this helps.

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Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Image

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Photo

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Image

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Image

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Photo

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2

Peter Janda Fin Fixed Blade Drop Point 2 Pic

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