Victor Shw807d Size 10.5

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As I work for a badminton retailer, I am now and then asked to review other manufacturer’s racquets. Against this backcloth, I not long ago tested a Victor Bravesword 10 badminton racquet and got a big surprise.

A few years ago, the Victor brand was exceedingly little in the UK, principally considered a European brand. We knew very little when it comes to their productions and level of quality. That changed just over a year ago when it was declared that they were the new sponsors of the Korean National Badminton Team. This was a severe leap forward for Victor and in the end gave them an global seal of approval in terms of quality. After all, if a racquet is good sufficient for Lee Yong Dae, current Olympic Mixed Doubles champion and World Mens Doubles Silver Medallist, and his team, then it will have to be good!

On to my review…

The Victor Bravesword 10 is the “second” racquet in the Bravesword series, the cream of the Victor badminton range, sitting either side of the 9 and 11.

It’s a good looking racquet in charcoal grey, with flashes of red, white and what looks like a hologram strip along the side of the head. It arrived in a full length bag in red with the name on the bag to discern it from the 9 and 11. This is a high quality full-cover bag too, not one thing flimsy here.

Grip size is G3 which is the littler of the two grip sizes on Victor racquets. It’s equivalent to a size 3.5 inches or Yonex G4, which is a bit confusing. Weight is 86g. Interestingly, this racquet has a greatest or most complete or best possible commended stringing tension of 30lbs so it’s got to be very strong and must be exceedingly general in the Asian market where strings tensions are so much higher.

This is a somewhat even balanced badminton racquet, more or less head heavy, but not too much. The shaft is indicated stiff.

Usually when I test and review racquets, I like to play with the racquet factory strung. On this occasion, the Bravesword 10 had been habit strung to around 26lbs. Rather than be disappointed, I was utterly delighted and you will see why when you read on.

Bravesword engineering science revolves around the shape of the frame – which is genuinely the shape of a sword. And this racquet surely sounds like one as you may listen it cut through the air!

Overhead Performance

Do you ever pick up a racquet and just know it’s going to be good? When I walked on to court with Bravesword 10, I had one of those moments.

The basi hit confirmed that this badminton racket had that particular quality. Clears were effortless and there was a great deal of touch for drop shots. The racquet in truth cuts through the air speedily which allows for great speed, altho the control is still there. The string tension felt “right” for this racquet. Sometimes they may be strung too tight that it’s harder to generate power. It would be stimulating to experiment with string tensions on this racquet as I feel it has got even more to offer.

There’s a little weight in the head, which is good as you may feel the flow of the racquet in the swing, and enhances performance and control.

The combining of the air resistance calibers of the racquet, the stiff shaft and the slight weight in the head, generate a lot of power. Yes, this is unquestionably a powerful racquet.


Defensively this racquet was easy to use. Again, the air resistance calibers of the head made the racquet easy to manoeuvre and the slight weight in the head was insufficient to counter this speed. In fact, the combining worked very well in truth as you felt there was some meat behind drive returns.

Net Area

A racquet that performs well in defence always performs well around the net area. After all, we are talking with regards to generating controlled racquet speed here, in very short bursts with the slightest touch for the in truth tight net shots. Again, BS10 was outstanding.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of testing another manufacturer’s racquet of such quality. The Bravesword 10 was outstanding in each area I tested. RRP is £109.95 which is unbelievable for a racquet of this quality. Retailers will discount to underneath £100 so you’re getting an sheer bargain here.

The Bravesword 10 has the accolade of being my original 5 star racquet in the Victor range and also my firstborn 5 star racquet out of all the other manufacturer’s ranges I’ve tested. Credit to Victor here for manufacturing such a brilliant racquet.

There’s no question that the Victor brand is now world class. Whilst it’s comparatively unknown in UK at the moment, I’m sure that their quality and pricing will without apparent effort find a way into the market. You’d be wise to test Victor’s Bravesword 10 if you may find one, because this level of quality deserves a place next to the most well-known brands.

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

US 10.5 / 285mm / EUR44.5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Picture

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Pic

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Picture

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Picture

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Photo

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5

Victor Shw807d Size 10 5 Pic

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