Giro Flak Multi-sport Helmet

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Giro has paved its way to cycling helmet fame when they started inventing and producing first-class helmets and other cycling accessories and protective gears. Giro has become one of the leading brands which have been recurrently following the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In every new design, Giro never fails to incorporate every high-end technology feature that their helmets have as their goal to prioritize the comfort and safety of their clients without compromising designs. But what is really with Giro helmets that most cyclists choose to buy and wear them?

Believe it or not, most cyclists and riders choose their helmets based on the helmet’s design or on how the helmet would look on them when they wear it. Giro knows that this is a relevant fact that is why the company created several designs that cyclists and riders can choose from. Giro offers their clients lots of options to choose the design that suits their tastes.

The Roc Loc feature of Giro is also one of the factors why Giro is esteemed when it comes to their helmets. The Roc Loc is used in most Giro helmets such as the Ionos, Atmos, and Prolight helmets. The Roc Loc feature is used to make sure that the helmet will fit well the head of the user. This is done by adjusting the strap and buckles located at the chin part of the helmet to allow proper fitting and positioning.

Another feature of Giro helmets which made them popular is the Wind Tunnel technology. Giro has been spending time and money to research about aerodynamics to create a helmet which provides good ventilation for the cyclist. The Wind Tunnel makes use of the external vents installed on the helmet to ease the entry of cool air through the internal channels to provide better ventilation.

Giro is not using plastic shell anymore in making the outer shell of their helmets. Instead, Giro uses a process of permeating the polycarbonate shell with the EPS lining to create one structure of a helmet. This is the reason why most Giro helmets are lighter and durable than other brands and models.

Giro also does not only limit its quality service to their products but to the customer service they offer as well. Giro offers a lifetime warranty and crash replacement program for products which have manufacturer’s defects and have been packed up or impacted. Giro has definitely put the safety and other needs of their clients ahead them which make them a better company. Giro has several bike helmets such as the Atmos, Ionos, Prolight, Saros, and Stylus.

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet

Sometimes you can’t beat the value of a classic. The Flak is a true skate-style helmet with a low-profile ABS shell for durability, and a light EPS liner that helps to absorb impact energy. The full set of Fit Kit pads allows you to tune the fit for a snug-yet-comfortable feel, too. No distractions, no frills, just straight-up coverage that won’t let you down.

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet Pic

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet Pic

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet Photo

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet

Giro Flak Multi Sport Helmet Picture

Most helpful customer reviews

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
5Giro Flak helmet review
By SGTForester
The helmet is awesome. It fit like a glove without needing adjustment, looks great and is very comfortable. The straps hold it snugly, and it doesn’t shift. It is also very light.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
4It protects the noodle
By J. Zabolotney
It fits quite snuggly. I got the matte black and it scuffs like crazy :( I set it down and next think I know it looks like it’s scratched from here to Timbuktu, but hey, it still works. The scuffs don’t rub off, that’s the complaint.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
5Great helmet
By Fred Schatz
I use this helmet as my daily ride helmet to go to work. I haven’t had any issues riding in 85+ degree days, as the airflow is adequate, although it isn’t quite as good as some other helmets I have worn. The helmet ships with a variety of pads you can use to adjust the size, and the xlarge fit perfectly after adjustment, which I was concerned about as my head size was in between a large and extra large. The best feature has to be the excellent head protection you get with this helmet. The entire side and back of your head is covered so you can be confident you’ll be protected in any kind of accident.

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